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Elite Condominium

We work with our condo associations on a very individual basis. The coverage we offer you is tailored specifically to fit you and your associations needs. This process includes an examination of your current condo documents by an expert in the field to ensure that not only are they up to date and valid, but that the current insurance  forms mesh seamlessly with them as well.

We understand that as a board, you are seeking the best combination of coverage and price, or simply put – value, for all of the associations members. We will tailor your condominium insurance program to complement your condo documents so that there are absolutely no gaps in coverage. It is our philosophy that each association is a unique entity that has its own very specific needs to be addressed in respect to insurance coverages
In this regard, we often find ways to lower your premiums based on deductible selections, coinsurance percentages, and most importantly, implementation of  a formal loss control program.

We promise to help you determine the coverage that's right for your association. Our agents shop the markets aggressively on your behalf as a matter of course. We currently represent every major condominium market in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for both master policy coverages as well as individual unit owner policies. It is also important to note that our job doesn't end after we have written the policy. We contact the board at regular intervals to keep your policies up to date. We will attend your annual meetings EVERY year upon request, no matter the date or location, to answer any questions your association may have in regards to the master policy or their own individual units policy. And at renewal time, we reassess your insurance program to be certain you're still getting the best value for the coverage you need. We can create an insurance program for any type of situation, no matter the size, type, location or claim frequency. From the 200 unit mountainside complex, to the 4 unit complex across the street, we can handle any type of situation thrown our way.



The definition of elite is “the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class”. That word perfectly defines what our elite condominium program offers its members. The program contains the best coverages, companies, customer service and experts in the field of condominium to insure that each association is optimally covered for any type of situation. Below are just a few of the “Elite” differences.

  • Examinations of all condominium documents upon request by a certified legal expert to determine if they are up to date and still correspond with the current configuration of the condominium complex and state condominium acts.

  • Examination of current program to make sure that they are consistent with what the condominium documents put forth.

  • Yearly meetings with the associations board to discuss any changes that may have taken place over the last year that could effect the policy.

  • Attendance at yearly association meetings to answer questions by the association members about the current master policy and their own unit owner policies.

  • Yearly remarketing of the associations policy to ensure that the association has the best program and premium available.

  • Creation of custom loss prevention programs to help associations mitigate claim frequency.

  • Coastal/Ocean Front expertise and experience.

  • Highly devoted and educated account service executives for each association. All have at a minimum of a CIC designation and some with CPCU and AAI designations.

  • 24 Hour customer service in the case of an emergency.



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