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The History of  Sevigney-Lyons

After working as a very successful dependent insurance agent for many years, in 1984, Len Sevigney decided it was time to take a risk and open his own agency in Wells, Maine. With just a very few carriers in the beginning, Len opened up his small office on Main Street Wells and began to grow and thrive. In 1985, Jack Lyons joined him, allowing them to grow even faster than first imagined. As their reputations of being honest and knowledgeable agents spread, their business grew exponentially.

Years after their successful start, banks and other financial institutions began to buy up small agencies and run the ones they did not buy out of business. These large entities had so many insurance carriers at their disposal that the small independent agencies could not successfully compete. Very quickly, the small independent agencies were being replaced  by large commercial entities that cared little for service and individuals and only about the bottom line. That was when Len came up with the idea of the Sevigney Group.

The idea behind the Sevigney Group was a simple one. The only way that the local independent agent could survive and compete against the large commercial entities, was to join together and share in each others resources. Each agency would be individually owned and operated by the agency principle, and be allowed to maintain the individuality that was so important to their clients. The results were remarkable. The Sevigney Group concept, which would go on to be known as the "Cluster Group" allowed each agency to have a myriad of companies and resources at their disposal, while maintaining the small town, service based concepts that had made them successful in the first place. It allowed them to have the best automation and agency management systems money could buy, the best A to AAA rated companies in Maine and New Hampshire as well as one of the deepest knowledge bases in Southern Maine.

       Sevigney-Lyons still remains the anchor to the Sevigney Group as its founding member. In 1999, Len's sons, Lucas & Jonathan, upon graduating from St. Lawrence and Boston College respectively, joined him in running the agency. Since that time, Sevigney-Lyons has become one of the most decorated agencies in Southern Maine, winning multiple CSR of the year awards, holding chairs on several company boards, and winning multiple agency of the year awards.



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